A nation of cab drivers?

February 7th, 2007

So Canada is ‘poaching’ highly-skilled doctors, engineers and other professionals from developing countries, then offering them jobs here driving cabs. Meantime, we’re slow admitting skilled tradespeople to fill jobs while our young aboriginals remain on welfare. Are we out of our gourds? The answer seems to be Yes! What happened to that old idea of common sense? – Roscoe M.

From ‘blob’ to no job – an e-mail downfall

February 7th, 2007


A TELEVISION producer was fired from her £70,000-a-year job after describing her managing director as a “big fat thing” in an e-mail to a colleague, an employment tribunal heard yesterday.

The discovery of the message sent by Agnes Wilkie, the head of features, was said to have left Bobby Hain, managing director of Scottish TV, feeling “shocked and upset”. An investigation of other e-mails sent by Ms Wilkie disclosed she had referred to Mr Hain as “Blob” and “Blobiness”…